My BFA capstone began with a fifteen-page research paper on any topic of my choosing. I wrote about stereotypes and analyzed the ways they affect society, primarily in negative ways. I found numerous reasons to avoid the trap of stereotyping, providing examples illustrating the ways we perpetuate damaging ideas without realizing it. —— When it came to the physical project, I struggled to convey my stance in a way that would convince people to stop stereotyping, but nothing felt like it held any weight. I concluded that the effort to see people as whole humans was not an endeavor based or motivated by logical reasoning. This sincere effort was based in spirituality. —— I decided to represent myself in the way the world would categorize me, in pieces and with assumptions attached. In this installation, I combined ideas of symbolism, perspective, the kitschy nature of stereotyping, metaphorical seeing/literal seeing, and yogic philosophy. Enjoy!

Handmade coptic guest book-vellum cover and pages

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